NeuroMindfulness® Coach Certification

demystifies neuroscience & mindfulness, making it accessible, structured, reliable and fun.

  • Designed for coaches, trainers, business leaders, facilitators, HR professionals, mindfulness teachers. The Practitioner level certificate is rewarded with 20 CCE by International Coach Federation (15 Core, 5 RD)

  • Taught by instructors with scientific (PhD in Molecular Biology), business (2 MBAs), consulting (BCG), HR (global and regional roles) and coaching background (ICF certification)

  • The course content is focused 80% on neuroscience and 20% on mindfulness. The course workbook contains 80% mindfulness & reflection exercises and 20% neuroscience practices

  • NeuroMindfulness® has been used with thousands of participants from all around the world in executive workshops, webinars, retreats and coaching/ mentoring sessions

Global Recognition

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The program and the certificate are globally recognised by the International Coaching Federation.


NeuroMindfulness® Coach Certification Practitioner Level

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the NeuroMindfulness Coach Certification Program - Practitioner Level!

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

    • What you need to successfully complete this course

  2. 2
    • Welcome to Chapter 1: NeuroMindfulness® Essentials

    • Slides Chapter 1: NeuroMindfulness® Essentials

    • 1.1. NeuroMindfulness® for Coaches

    • Personal Reflection: Your Coaching Superpowers

    • Personal Practice: Sharing is caring, Sharing is learning

    • 1.2. Neuroscience Essentials Introduction

    • 1.2.1. Brief History of Neuroscience

    • 1.2.2. Brain Basics

    • 1.2.3. Brain Anatomy 1o1

    • 1.2.4. Neuroplasticity

    • Personal Reflection: Your Life Learning Strategy

    • Personal Practice: Daily Learning Habit

    • 1.3. What is Mindfulness

    • Personal Practice: Gratitude

    • Workbook Chapter 1: NeuroMindfulness® Essentials

    • Quiz Chapter 1: NeuroMindfulness® Essentials

    • Key takeaways Chapter 1: NeuroMindfulness® Essentials

    • Resources Chapter 1: NeuroMindfulness® Essentials

  3. 3
    • Welcome to Chapter 2: From Stress to Building Resilience and Well-being

    • Slides Chapter 2: From Stress to Building Resilience and Well-being Part I

    • 2.1. How Emotions Hijack our Brain

    • 2.1.1 What are Emotions

    • Personal Practice: Becoming Aware of Emotions , Feelings and Thoughts

    • 2.1.2. Amygdala Highjack

    • 2.1.3. Managing Emotions

    • Personal Reflection: Emotions, Triggers, Reappraisal and Limiting Beliefs

    • (Optional) Personal Practice: Gratitude Letter

    • 2.2. Overcoming Stress

    • 2.2.1. What is Stress

    • 2.2.2. Stress Impact on Health

    • 2.2.3. Stress Impact on Cognitive Performance

    • 2.2.4. Polyvagal Theory

    • 2.2.5. The Dark Side & Upside of Stress

    • Personal Reflection: Stress Management

    • Slides Chapter 2: From Stress to Building Resilience and Well-being Part II

    • 2.3. Building Resilience

    • 2.3.1. What is Resilience

    • 2.3.2. BMR Resilience Framework

    • Personal Reflection: Recovery Mode, Transitions and PTG

    • Personal Practice: BMR Resilience Framework - New Habit

    • 2.4. Well-being

    • 2.4.1. The Neuroscience of Well-being - Vagal Tone

    • 2.4.2.. Personal Reflection: Dimensions of Well-being

    • Workbook Chapter 2: From Stress to Building Resilience and Well-being

    • Quiz Chapter 2: From Stress to Building Resilience and Well-being

    • Key Takeaways Chapter 2: From Stress to Building Resilience and Well-being

    • Resources Chapter 2: From Stress to Building Resilience and Well-being

  4. 4
    • Welcome to Chapter 3: Cognitive Performance

    • Slides Chapter 3: Cognitive Performance

    • 3.1. Memory

    • Personal Reflection: Reliving happy memories

    • 3.2. Attention and Mindfulness

    • Focused Attention Meditation

    • (Optional) Personal Practice: Mindful Walk

    • (Optional) Personal Practice: 1 Day Digital Detox Retreat

    • 3.3. Decision Making

    • 3.3.1. The 2 Decision-Making Systems

    • 3.3.2. Decision-Making - Case Study

    • 3.3.3. The Neuroscience of Intuition

    • Personal Reflection: Back in Time

    • 3.3.4. Mindfulness and Decision-Making

    • 3.3.5. Procrastination and Motivation

    • Personal Reflection: Stop Procrastinating and Build a "Bigger Better Offer"

    • 3.4. States of Hyperperformance

    • 3.4.1. The Neural Basis of Habits

    • Habits: Coaching Tool

    • Personal Reflection: Exploring the Limiting Belief Behind Procrastination

    • 3.4.2. The Neuroscience of Creativity

    • 3.4.3. The Neuroscience of Flow

    • Personal Reflection: Exploring Flow

    • 3.4.4. The Power of Visualisation

    • Workbook Chapter 3: Cognitive Performance

    • Quiz Chapter 3: Cognitive Performance

    • Key takeaways Chapter 3: Cognitive Performance

    • Resources Chapter 3: Cognitive Performance

  5. 5
    • Welcome to Chapter 4: Trust and Human Connection

    • Slides Chapter 4: Trust and Human Connection

    • 4.1. The Neuroscience of Human Connection

    • 4.2. The 2 Types of Empathy

    • 4.3. From Distancing to Empathy and Compassion

    • Personal Reflection: From Empathy to Compassion

    • 4.4. The Neuroscience of Trust

    • 4.5. Building Trust, Connection and Collaboration

    • Personal Reflection: Trust Me, Trust Me Not

    • 4.6. The Neuroscience of Mindful Communication

    • (Optional) Personal Practice: "I am All Ears!"

    • Personal Practice: 3 F Support

    • Workbook Chapter 4: Trust and Human Connection

    • Quiz Chapter 4: Trust and Human Connection

    • Key takeaways Chapter 4: Trust and Human Connection

    • Resources Chapter 4: Trust and Human Connection

  6. 6
    • Welcome to Chapter 5: Mindfulness Practices

    • Slides Chapter 5: Mindfulness Practices

    • 5.1. Mindfulness Practices Overview

    • 5.2. Breathing: The Key to Our Mind

    • (Optional) Personal Practice: Daily Breathing

    • 5.3. Meditation Practices

    • Focused Attention Meditation

    • Loving-Kindness Meditation

    • Open Awareness Meditation

    • Personal Practice: Daily Meditation

    • (New 2023) Yoga Nidra

    • (New 2023) - Deep Relaxation (Savasana)

    • Workbook Chapter 5: Mindfulness Practices

    • Quiz Chapter 5: Mindfulness Practices

    • Key Takeaways Chapter 5: Mindfulness Practices

    • Resources Chapter 5: Mindfulness Practices

  7. 7
    • Final Practice: ABC Mindfulness Exercise

  8. 8
    • Final Assignment: Spread Your Wings

  9. 9
    • Congratulations and Thank You!

    • Your feedback about the course (1 minute survey)

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Practitioner Level


Managing Partner, NeuroMindfulness® Institute, Paris

Arnaud Complainville

Arnaud has a PhD in Molecular Biology, and a strong business background, with an MBA from HEC Paris. Before co-founding NeuroMindfulness® Institute, Arnaud was a BCG consultant, and he held several Senior Executive positions in the pharmaceutical sector, in strategy and Business Development. Arnaud was trained as an Evolutionary Coaching Consultant and CTT practitioner (Cultural Transformation Tools®) with Barrett Values Center, and has a keen interest in bringing Neuroscience and Mindfulness techniques to the business world, while leveraging his corporate experience to help leaders develop to their full potential. He is the co-author of NeuroMindfulness® methodology and Leading with Wisdom executive program. Beyond science, he is passionate about the power of breathing practices, skydiving (over 3000 jumps), nature, and is a certified yoga teacher. His personal mantra: “The mind is like a parachute. It works best when it is open”. Dalai Lama. His life purpose: Bring together modern science, ancient wisdom and business acumen to inspire leaders to raise their level of consciousness and make a positive difference in the world for People and Planet.

Managing Partner, NeuroMindfulness® Institute, Paris

Veronica Brejan

Veronica is an executive coach certified by International Coaching Federation, ACC level. She is also accredited Practitioner NLP & Time Line Therapy with the American Board of NLP. She is certified by Barrett Values Center (Evolutionary Coaching) and by Institute of Human Excellence founded by Sir John Whitmore (Transpersonal Coaching). Before co-founding NeuroMindfulness Institute® in 2017, Veronica held top HR positions in London, Paris and Eastern Europe, her latest corporate roles were: Chief People Officer Europe (Pizza Hut, Yum! Brands) and Global Head of Talent (Vodafone). Veronica is the co-creator of NeuroMindfulness® methodology and Leading with Wisdom leadership program. Her personal mantra: “It is only in the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye. “│Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Her life purpose: Inspire people to become more compassionate, kind and generous.


Victoria Livingstone

Global Head of HR, HSBC Operations, Services and Technology

A refreshingly new approach on development as well as coaching by harnessing neuroscience with mindfulness and meditation. Innovative approach to online self paced learning accompanied by self reflection and reinforcement exercises and knowledge tests. Definitely worth the investment in not just your coaching skillset, but your own self awareness and development journey.

Oleg Croitoru

Global HR SCM, Vodafone Luxemburg

Fascinating. One of the best trainings I’ve ever had! Super relevant for 2021 challenges and ahead. The concepts of breakthrough neuroscience so well connected with the power of training your mind - simply blew up my mind. Imagine from one day to another you suddenly earn a superpower that allows you to hack your body and mind towards a fulfilling life and work. A superpower that also helps you help others earn their superpowers. Thank you!

Oksana Staniszewska

Former Global CPO Amrest, Poland

What a gift and inspiration! Amazing amount of insights, inspiration, positive energy and actionable advice with a potential to transform people lives. Deeply grateful! Vero, Arnaud, you inspire people to Spread their Wings!

Alina Perrin

CEO Serman Insight, France

We are at a crucial moment of the human mankind history: we are all becoming digital. And we have the choice between losing our humanity or strengthening what makes us deeply unique. Knowing how to use this marvelous machine that is our brain is the best and the non-negotiable skill for the future. This course answers precisely to this need by explaining the why and how of feelings and emotions on one hands, and of cognitive performances on the other hands. Great way of approaching these topics! Well done!

Florina Cioaga

Financial Modeler | M&A Specialist | Coach, Orange Money Romania

I am truly grateful that you made this great effort in making available such valuable information and for sharing your wisdom with us. I’ve already started using the information acquired for my own well-being. I truly believe that when putting something in practice, we must first start with ourselves. Thus, the effect of our own results will attract others and they’ll be keen to find out more about us and what we have to share with the world. Being mindful, present and having patience with ourselves are key for our physical and mental health. We must be able to take care of ourselves first, so we can help others. My intention is to enhance my coaching practice by using this valuable information acquired through the NeuroMindfulness course with which I strongly resonate.

Irina Doiciu

Employer Branding & Communication Manager, Leroy Merlin

The NeuroMindfulness course is one I took with great pleasure! It is full of information, clearly structured and simply explained. The combination between brain essentials, mindful practices and daily activities makes you understand why it is so important (especially during the times we go through) to stop, breath and gain perspective. The course makes you understand why some things happen the way they do and how to change them. I recommend it to professionals who can make a difference and chance, piece by piece, the world we live in. Thank you, Veronica & Arnaud!

Hanna Hieronimczuk

General Manager,

Dear Veronica and Arnaud, thank you for amazing journey of NMCC course. I have learned something that is meaningful. Something that is life changing, not only mine, but also and specially coworkers, friends & clients.

Alexandru Balan

Technical Lead & Senior Technical Support Engineer with German, IBM

NMCC course helps you find out more about yourself, and others, by teaching you in depth, how we really act, think, "work" as human beings. It is extraordinary well explained and organized, letting no spot untouched, or no stones unturned as Arnold Schwarzenegger was saying. Everybody should learn and receive this kind of knowledge in life.

Philippe Gillet

Worldline UK & Ireland

I found the NeuroMindfulness training interesting and insightful. Veronica and Arnaud have joined their diverse knowledge and experiences to explain how and why simple tools like breathing techniques, gratitude, meditation, mindfulness, compassion (and more) can help us be more resilient, interact better with our self and others, and simply feel better. This is supported by results of global researchers and clear explanations on how our brain works and which parts are activated while using these tools. It makes you understand that you can be in control of your emotions, actions, and the positive impact of those tools on your wellbeing. I started using these tools in a personal and professional context, and I have already seen the benefits.

Ramona Palcus

Project Manager for European Commission, D&I Ambassador, Internal Coach, IBM

I am very grateful to Veronica and Arnaud for sharing their wisdom with us and offering so much valuable information concentrated in this course. The powerful insights, new mindfulness and breathing techniques learned, neuroplasticity, tiny habits implemented, the awareness of defensive mechanisms I was hiding behind, building trust and connection especially when we are facing this pandemic context, are some of the takeaways that I can’t wait to use them in all of my roles (mother, partner, friend, daughter, coach, mentor, project manager). I highly recommend this course, as a gift that you can make for your transformation, well-being, mindset shift and a difference that you can make in the world. It is all about touching lives.

NeuroMindfulness® Coach Certification - Practitioner

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  • NeuroMindfulness® Certificate

    The program is certified by the International Coach Federation, the world's largest organisation of professionally trained coaches (20 CCE - 15 Core and 5 RD). Senior Practitioner certificate is awarded additional 20 CCE ICF (15 Core, 5 RD).

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